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Kilfinane 2-06
Kildimo 1-01

On a wet and dreary Wednesday evening the U-16 footballers travelled the 30 miles to Kilfinane, to suffer a sickening defeat in drastic conditions. Travelling with a depleted team Kildimo got off to a good start with a quick goal from K.O'Brien. But soon afterwards Kilfinane showed their ability to play in 3" of water. Their was more water on this pitch than in Egypt after the annual flooding of the Nile. Kildimo started to give away stupid frees and with what ever position the got the just wasted it. All round it was a bad defeat, but we would be hoping for a better result next week when we play Croom with a full panel.


1)C.Brown, 2)R.Griffen, 3)K.Hogan, 4)S.Kelly, 5)C.Sweeny, 6)K.O'Brien, 7)D.Lyons, 8)B.O'Brien, 9)J.McKeogh, 10)P.Fitz, 11)N.Morrisey, 12)G.Gleeson, 13)K.O'Brien, 14)P.Gallegher, 15)R.McKeogh


16)P.O'Sullivan for 13)K.O'Brien


K.O'Brien (1-0), P.O'Sullivan(0-01)