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U-14's Draw With Old Rivals

Kildimo 3-03
Ballybrown 3-03

Kildimo started the better of the 2 teams and put over 2 quick points. Then within 5 minutes they banged in 2 goals from K.O'Brien. Ballybrown replied with 2 points. The score was at half time Kildimo 2-02, Ballybrown 0-02.

Early in the second half Bally brown scored 1-1. K.Hogan was then switched with C.Browne and K.O'Brien was switched with D.O'Shea. These switches proved cruchial as almost immediatly K.Hogan grbed a point and not soon afterwards D.O'Shea scored a goal. From the puck-out Ballybrown scored a goal. Then with 2 minutes to go they forced the ball into the Kildimo net, to level the match. Kildimo had good performances from: N.Morrisey, K.Hogan, K.O'Brien, and C.Fitz.


1)P.Carmody, 2)C.Fitz, 3)K.Hogan, 4)S.O'Neil, 5)R.Griffin, 6)N.Morrisey, 7)C.Fitz, 8)J.P.Carey, 9)K.O'Brien, 10)D.O'Shea, 11)C.Browne, 12)M.Guinane, 13)D.Hayes, 14)K.O'Brien, 15)D.Kirby


K.O'Brien (2-01), D.O'Shea (1-0), R.McKeogh (0-01), K.Hogan (0-01),